In my practice I deal with a number of broad issues using primarily psychotherapy or “talk therapy.” I will also use other interventions, when I feel it will help. For example: giving out small homework assignments, role-plays, books to read, etc. I take into full consideration the client’s needs, as well as their age, as I see everyone from children to adults.


• Anxiety
• Stress
• Depression
• Dysthymia
• Low self-esteem/self confidence
• Negative thought patterns
• Critical thought patterns
• Obsessive thought patterns
• Anger
• Trauma (physical, emotional and sexual)
• Grief/Loss
• Illness
• Phase of Life transitions (i.e. new baby, career changes, etc.)
• Adolescent self-harm
• Adolescent issues
• Children’s issues
• Parenting skills
• Communication skills
• Conflict resolution
• Divorce / Infidelity
• Sexuality (expression, desire, dysfunction)
• Pre-marital
• Marital
• Substance abuse


My fee is $80/hour, however I do provide a sliding scale.


I do not take insurance at this time, as I am unable to bill insurance directly due 
to being pre-licensed. Additionally, I do not accept insurance payments out of 
respect for your privacy and confidentiality. Insurance companies can require a 
psychiatric diagnosis, which becomes part of your permanent health record.  

I can, however, provide you with an easy to read “super-bill” as an out-of-network 
provider. You may submit it to your respective provider for reimbursement. 
There is no guarantee of reimbursement.


I accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard cards.